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Report on Polish Food Trends successfully launched, with media clippings reaching an outreach of 94 million.

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Media coverage of 84 (35 in national and 49 in regional media) clippings with 94M.

Social media coverage of 100 clippings with an estimated 735+K reach.

Print (22 spreads)

Digital version of the report


Editorial design, DTP, and some copy suggestions as a Polish native speaker and former copywriter.

Special thanks to Katya Worbets (Lead Designer on this project), Mark Webb (Designer), and Fran Boyd (Art Director).


Photography Jo Sidey
Production Laura Blanshard & Zara Ballantyne-Grove
Food styling Saskia Sidey & Rob Morris
Props and set styling Tiffany Rine

Year: November, 2023

Dimensions: A4, 210 x 297 mm

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