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Pushing the
Boundaries of NFTs: Moon's Revolutionary
UI and Visual Identity for Digital Art


Moon is a startup in the digital art and NFTs world. They aim to disrupt the NFT marketplace by prioritizing design and
user experience. In this case study, we will explore Moon's efforts to create a unique visual identity for its NFT marketplace app. This app has the potential to revolutionize the digital art landscape. My main objective was to develop a flexible
design based on the wireframes provided by the client. This resulted in a comprehensive UI library and a prototype that
aims to set new industry benchmarks.


  • New visual language for Dig/Art

  • Fully designed flow in High Fidelity

  • UI library

  • Functional Figma Prototype



  1. Design Testing & Improvement: I utilized Figma plugins to improve the design elements and make them
    more user-friendly.

  2. Effective Time Management: Mentor sessions helped me understand the importance of structured time management to meet project deadlines consistently.

  3. Embracing Creativity: I explored creative solutions such as simplifying the colour palette to enhance
    the visual impact of NFTs and align with project goals.

  4. Design Documentation's Value: I realized the value of comprehensive design documentation in scaling
    the design and saving valuable time.

  5. Dedication & Structure: I want to recognize the commitment and systematic approach applied throughout
    the project, reflected in the process and quality of the outcomes obtained

Year: September, 2023

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